Short domain names for sale

A 4-letter domain name has a higher value than a longer name for several reasons. The short domain name will be easier to remember, which is of course very important. The more memorable, the better it is. Shorter domain names are also less prone to typing errors. And a very complicated or long domain makes it harder for people to have it shared on social media, or through word of mouth. And then there is the prestige thing that comes with 3-letter or 4-letter domain names. A web address that is short shows that the site has importance, or that it already exists for quite some time. A short domain name definitely makes a site look more credible. The short 4-character or 3-character domain name is much more than just your address on the internet. The domain is your brand. It is how people refer to your product or service. The name appears in your ads, on your business cards, on your invoices, and your promotional material. And no business can do without brand building, which is probably the most important element of your online (and offline) marketing. Short domains are super powerful tools. And with the latest technologies, it is even possible to dial a domain name with a smartphone. If a four character domain name can be pronounced, the value of it increases a lot. Four letter domains with interesting consonant/vowel combinations are even more valuable than a name that is a more difficult acronym. The number of pronounceable combinations of four or three letters is limited, which makes that the value of such a domain name is much higher, as you can see in the high record sales. If people can pronounce the name as a word, the price goes up. Here is a summary of some of the valuable domains we currently have for sale $ 600,000 Bid Now $ 500,000 Bid Now $ 700,000 Sold: 2015 $ 425,000 Bid Now $ 410,000 Bid Now $ 450,000 Bid Now $ 117,000 Sold: 2013 $ 61,600 Sold: 2011 $ 112,000 Sold: 2012 $ 90,000 Sold: 2012 $ 127,500 Sold: 2015 $ 225,000 Sold: 2004 $ 175,000 Sold: 2014 $ 95,500 Sold: 2007 $ 400,000 Sold: 2007 $ 110,012 Sold: 2006 $ 300,000 Bid Now $ 295,000 Sold: 2007 $ 150,000 Sold: 2004 $ 136,000 Sold: 2010 $ 7,000,000 Sold: 2004 $ 70,602 Sold: 2012 $ 500,000 Sold: 2006 $ 200,000 Sold: 2005 $ 80,000 Sold: 2014 $ 500,000 Sold: 2006 $ 400,000 Sold: 2009 $ 85,000 Sold: 2012 $ 125,581 Sold: 2012 $ 80,000 Sold: 2007 $ 80,000 Sold: 2009 $ 58,000 Sold: 2015 $ 100,000 Sold: 2007 $ 300,000 Sold: 2006 $ 1,100,000 Sold: 2009 $ 150,000 Sold: 2006 $ 100,000 Sold: 2003 $ 60,000 Sold: 2011 $ 101,300 Sold: 2011 $ 92,000 Sold: 2008 $ 48,300 Sold: 2007 $ 230,000 Sold: 2014 $ 200,000 Bid Now $ 50,000 Sold: 2014 $ 100,000 Sold: 2014 $ 100,000 Sold: 2013 $ 65,000 Sold: 2012 $ 140,000 Bid Now $ 100,010 Sold: 2010 $ 70,000 Sold: 2007 $ 65,000 Sold: 2007 $ 100,000 Sold: 2006 $ 325,000 Sold: 2014 $ 50,000 Sold: 2011 $ 140,000 Bid Now $ 1,000,000 Sold: 2012 $ 150,000 Bid Now $ 325,000 Bid Now

SEO training course Malaysia SEO-Certification-Course-Malaysia

Learning Search engine optimization can help you bring more traffic your sites or clients sites and turn your site and your skills into an income builder. SEO involves taking active steps to ensure high rankings on search engines like Google. Keep reading to glean what you can learn more. We believe the best way to learn is to build it. Our students achieve top Google ranking due to our SEO training course consisting of 90% hands-on and 10% theory. Please visit us for more information on our courses available.


AC Repair Indianapolis

Why Choose Us?

  • Prompt Project Completion
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • High Quality Work & Punctual Service
  • Professional Technicians
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Same-Day Service
  • Financing Available
  • We service all major brands of HVAC and Water Heater equipment
  • Hometown rates; not inflated corporate rates

With our Customer Service Philosophy  we take the time to provide home and business owners with information needed about the costs and benefits of repair vs. replacements to make an informed decision, including:

  • What repairs would be needed now
  • What potential future breakdowns might be
  • Life expectancy of the existing unit
  • Energy / cost savings of a new unit

Security and Customer Protection:The company performs background checks on all new hires, and maintains a drug-free workplace with random drug screenings of employees. Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, has been providing Heating And Cooling services in the Indianapolis, Indiana area since 2003.

Emotional support animal certification

Emotional support animal certification

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Our Expert Online Shopping Advice Can Help You Out

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Confused By Laptops? These Tips Can Help!

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